Songs Produced by Martin 2015/2016

Who is Martin Meader?



Sing For Life Workshops

In 2010, Deb Saville & Martin Meader conducted a series of workshops for Southern Cross Care in Perth, Western Australia to help with the short term memory of people with dementia. The workshops also helped to reduce the stress and isolation for clients, support workers and carers. For more info, contact Deb at or Martin at info@

TV Alphabeticus Trailer

Directed by Martin Meader
Production Design Mark Higham

Alphabeticus Pilot (aka Zabba Cadaba) Video

Directed by Martin Meader
Production Design Mark Higham

Sing From The Heart Workshops

CD – Inside The Heart

Inside the Heart is the debut album of Martin Meader and Rob Spence.  Martin and Rob brought different skills to the production. Martin wrote most of the songs on the album – they look at the effect of love on our lives – sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s intense but it’s always good. Rob’s brilliance in arranging, playing and engineering took the songs to a new level. He spent hours and hours creating the feel and produced a work that tends to grow on people. Rob also contributed the wonderful instrumental SpanDidg as the final track. Two of our good friends, Teresa Mclleland and Sindhu Dobree provide backing harmonies and Jarad Spence also provides piano licks. Dawn Meader provided the glorious artwork –

Here are some sample tracks from the album (which can be purchased from our Thunder Egg Farm Shop).

Rose Out In The Wild     I Never Knew      This Is Crazy      Woman

Charlie & Moon – The Film

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon a cross between the magic and adventure of Harry Potter and The and the moral and Golden Compass, social sound of Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. Each of these films grossed between $245M and $1.13B worldwide in the last five years. The Adventures of Charlie & Moon has the potential to be the next big box-office children’s movie that can be easily franchised and lead to a a solid package of ancillary and merchandisable products.

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon story follows Charlie Ramsbottom who opens a mysterious birthday present the night before his ninth birthday and the consequences that follow. Moon is a young eagle who needs Charlie’s help to stop an evil toymaker, Skunk Weavel from causing an environmental disaster on the planet and profiting from turning all eagles and endangered species into stuffed toys and trading them on the stock market.

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon embodies a number of global themes, particularly the protection of the environment. Charlie is the symbol for the new environmentally aware generation. He dares to go beyond the world of cartoon television, electronic games and fast food. He undertakes a journey that demonstrates that children, in spite of all techno-gadgets, remain close to nature and have the curiosity and will for exploring and preserving it. It takes the bravery and insight of a child to overcome mindless exploitation and stop the extinction of animals.

Merchandising and spin-off products (all environmentally friendly) can form a sizeable portion of the project’s revenue stream. Combined with mobile entertainment products, they can add extremely high value and demand, especially in the youth market, to bring an extra 250% – 300% in additional revenues.

Martin – Choral History

The Real Sing (TRS) was formed by Martin Meader and David and Gaela Hilditch in 1996. Martin conducted the choir until 2006 and during that time TRS presented a wide range of material, including gospel, blues, jazz, swing, pop standards and original compositions. TRS established an enviable record of successful performances at music festivals, major public events and many concerts and recitals, both public and private. TRS continues and more information can be found at:

In 1998, The Real Sing won first prize in the Perth Gospel Eisteddfod. TRS performed for major organisations, including The Red Cross, Perth Convention Centre, Perth Mint and Clough Engineering, and featured in such landmark public events as the Houghton’s Vineyard Jazz Concerts, Fairbridge Festival and the Nannup Music Festival. Each year, TRS performed sell-out concerts at Happs Vineyard, in Dunsborough, and The Fremantle Arts Centre. In December 2001 and 2002, TRS performed for a massed audience of 5000 at ‘Carols By Candlelight’, in Booragoon. In January 2002, The Real Sing performed at the official Australia Day Concert in the Perth Entertainment Centre, before an audience of 9,000. The concert was broadcast nationwide on SBS Television. Since then, The Real Sing have performed in the 2003/4/5 Perth International Arts Festival, for the Lotteries Commission and at Government House for the Australian of the Year Awards. As part of an on-going program of special ‘theme’ concerts, TRS created a two-hour celebration of the music of the 60s and 70s, entitled “Stand By Me”.

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The Hurricane Choir was the brainchild of Martin Meader. After the devastation of the Katrina and Rita hurricanes in September 2005, Martin connected with friends in Baton Rouge. Together they conceived the idea of building a large interfaith community-based choir similar to the choir he from conducts in Australia, to help in the rebuilding process in Louisiana.Martin put together a team of international specialists (from America, Australia and Canada) with local community members, singers, musicians and volunteers to coordinate the choir. The Hurricane choir, which consisted of 250 members plus a band, gave three multi-media performances that were held on June 2nd, 3rd and June 4th 2006 at Jefferson Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



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