Charlie & Moon – The Film

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon a cross between the magic and adventure of Harry Potter and The and the moral and Golden Compass, social sound of Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. Each of these films grossed between $245M and $1.13B worldwide in the last five years. The Adventures of Charlie & Moon has the potential to be the next big box-office children’s movie that can be easily franchised and lead to a a solid package of ancillary and merchandisable products.

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon story follows Charlie Ramsbottom who opens a mysterious birthday present the night before his ninth birthday and the consequences that follow. Moon is a young eagle who needs Charlie’s help to stop an evil toymaker, Skunk Weavel from causing an environmental disaster on the planet and profiting from turning all eagles and endangered species into stuffed toys and trading them on the stock market.

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon embodies a number of global themes, particularly the protection of the environment. Charlie is the symbol for the new environmentally aware generation. He dares to go beyond the world of cartoon television, electronic games and fast food. He undertakes a journey that demonstrates that children, in spite of all techno-gadgets, remain close to nature and have the curiosity and will for exploring and preserving it. It takes the bravery and insight of a child to overcome mindless exploitation and stop the extinction of animals.

Merchandising and spin-off products (all environmentally friendly) can form a sizeable portion of the project’s revenue stream. Combined with mobile entertainment products, they can add extremely high value and demand, especially in the youth market, to bring an extra 250% – 300% in additional revenues.