CD – Inside The Heart

Inside the Heart is the debut album of Martin Meader and Rob Spence.  Martin and Rob brought different skills to the production. Martin wrote most of the songs on the album – they look at the effect of love on our lives – sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s intense but it’s always good. Rob’s brilliance in arranging, playing and engineering took the songs to a new level. He spent hours and hours creating the feel and produced a work that tends to grow on people. Rob also contributed the wonderful instrumental SpanDidg as the final track. Two of our good friends, Teresa Mclleland and Sindhu Dobree provide backing harmonies and Jarad Spence also provides piano licks. Dawn Meader provided the glorious artwork –

Here are some sample tracks from the album (which can be purchased from our Thunder Egg Farm Shop).

Rose Out In The Wild     I Never Knew      This Is Crazy      Woman